Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bohol - where all the humps are more fun

A tourism tagline in Philippines said that "My Humps is more fun in the Philippines"
an Interesting quote showing a background of the famous 'Chocolate Hills'. Bohol is full of attraction. Within this not-so-big island (4.117.26 sq) you will be entertained be a slice of history, reptiles showcase (not for animal rights defender), unique nature landscape, and of course wherever you go Philippines will always spoiled you with it's beautiful beaches :)

We started our day with a tour in Tagbilaran city:

The Blood Compact
The Sandugo or blood compact is a memorial of a agreement between the native people of Bohol that time with Spaniard who come to Bohol.

                                                 Tagbilaran Church

Marimar and the biggest snake in Bohol
Marimar is definetly the main attraction not the snake itself. I kinda feel sorry to be honest with the snake. Theyhave to captured it and put in a small cage. Poor thing. If you are for animal rights or such this might be not your favorite place. Come and see Marimar; you'll share some good laugh. :)

Loboc River
Relaxing like a boss. Blue sky, green scenery, boat full of food. You'll have nice experience when you cruise along the green river with nature on your surrounding but i will not recommend this for traveller who want to save money or if you just traveling alone. You will get to be in a boat full of food and they entertain you with songs and you will stop at one point to see a traditional dancing performed by children from the area.

Tersier is the cutest animal that I've ever seen so far. Of course maybe they can't beat otter but so far me and otter only interact in 9Gag. hehehe
The trip to see tersier is a bit dilemmatic. There is a campaign that they should not exploit tersier with cameras and humans presence since they only breed in small number. But, one you see them they are super cute. they are tiny maybe only as big as your palm. Their ayes are so big it feels like they smile and looking at you like puss in boots. The interesting is  each of the tersier has a guardian and as the privilage the guardian can name the tersier with their name. I might want to have  a tersier name Tatum but I know a chimp name Tatum also,,so I don't know maybe not then. hehehe. You can take pics but please don't use flash and lower your voice when talking.

Chocolate Hills
Yes this is the must-visit place. It's the landmark of Bohol and this is where the tourism department use their slogan: "My Humps is more interesting in the Philippines".
Ok. Speak no more.

Panglao Beach

Where the white sands, dolphin spotting, snorkling (they are going to take you to a small island where you can see a lot of fishes. The trips was super nice one of the highlight from Bohol or sure. But I was a bit  when they try to feed the fishes with bread (I was in Palawan few months after this and the tour guide actually said that it was prohibited to feed fish with bread cos it is no their main food). Fish has natural food which they can find in the corals, being a responsible traveller please do not feed them with bread for your benefit.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Satu Tarik Ber-banyak

Layaknya sebuah hubungan yang galau, sisi kanan dan sisi kiri di salah satu desa di Surigao del Sur (Mindanao) ini berada di satu tempat tetapi tak tersatukan. Siapa saja yang punya maksud dan tujuan ke sebelah satunya harus menarik seutas tali dan menyeimbangkan badan di atas sebuah perahu yang lebih mirip papan bersayap ini hingga nanti akhirnya tertambat di tujuan. Romantisme lagu Kla Project Satu Kayuh Berdua mungkin bisa agak di modifikasi jadi Satu Tarik Ber-banyak, "tuk sampai di sana.. kau turut serta" *ngomong sama penumpang*

Turnamen foto perjalanan #14
Tema: Transportasi
Host: Titik Sutanti

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Camiguin - An Imagination Land

I travelled in the Philippines for 6 months and although I have not seen all the places in this beautiful country, I would say that Camiguin is my favorite so far. Imagination island as I would like to call. Well why not? You got everything there!
This little laid back Island has mountain for those who want to trek, any kind of spring: hot-cold-soda spring, beautiful beaches, sandy white with crystal clear water, waterfall, giant clam sanctuary, dive and snorkel spot! All of this spot is easy to access and have reasonable price!

So what is Camiguin Island?
"Camiguin is known as the island of 'Born of Fire'. The volcanic eruptions and land movement have created this spectacular island which is full of natural wonders and historical riches" (taken from Travel Map Camiguin)

How to go?
Camiguin located in the north of cgaayan de Oro. You can take ferry from Cagayan pier (they have super ferry cost around 600php) and it will take you 2 hours to go to Camiguin. My friend took another route. they took bus to another town in Cagayan and then took ferry for 45 minutes. this is cheaper if you compare it with super ferry. Once you got there, it's easy to move around. If you travel by yourself or with a friend, I would suggest that you take the habal-habal to go around the island. It will cost 800/ motorcycle. The Island is small so from one place to another usually only take 15-30 minutes the longest. However, if you travel with more friend take one of the tuk tuk and it will cost cheaper.

Where to stay?

We stayed at Enigmata ; it is a cool place where they have sculptures, wide bamboo hammock, good food and they also have a various art programs with community. The only thing that I don't really like is I still got mosquitos bite even after I apply repallant and despite we have mosquito net in the room.
We also stayed one night in Ardent hot spring because we want to stay until late at night dipping in the spring. I would recommend you to stay there at least for one night so you can just stay there until pass midnight in the pool and have another dip in the morning when it's still fresh and not so many people. The water is not that hot but it is enough for relaxing your body after a whole day activities.

Here's are some places that we visit in Camiguin (3N 4D)

Katibawasan Waterfall:

Not so many people go swimming here but i did and you should at least go inside the water! The water is super refreshing and cold plus you can just sit there on the rock and staring at this beautiful walls. It is about 75 meters. The entrance fee: 15php

White Island
The most famous destination in Camiguin. A strip of white Island and crystal clear water with volcanoe in the background. The photos don't do any justice. The view just like what you see in postcard picture. The only 'too bad' things about this is the coral has been damaged so badly. You can snorkel but nothing much to see. Despite that fact. the place is still beautiful.

Sunset in Yumbing

Sunken Cemetry
This is an unique spot in Camiguin. This large white cross marks swept into the sea by Old vulcan Daan's Eruption in 1871. They said you can dive or snorkel and see the dcay tomb but then you have to pay for the boat to go there. It's around 200 php.

Sto Nino Cold Spring
A pool with cold water, they said it's sprouting from the sandy bottom.

Old Church Ruins
This old church was ruins during the remnants of the Vulcan Daan eruption in 1871. The place looks like an old castle. Perfect place to have picnic :)

Walkaway to Old Vulcan
To climb the volcano, you need to have a permit and a tour guide. They also require you to wear proper shoes. Sice we didd not prepare for that we did hike in this Old Vulcan. To go to it's peak you have to passed 14 station of cross dot the trail. But if you do not enjoy the story or somehow do not feel relate to it , you can just enjoy the scenery (like I did). It was somewhat quite worth the exhaust. You can see Camiguin from the top and you can even spot the Sunken Cemetery.

Ardent Hot Spring
Nothing can be more relaxing than dipping in the hot water after hiking th Old vulcan. Ardent hot spring open 24 hour. Hot water + good friend + moonlight + carveza negro :)

Mantigue Island

This is an island located near Camiguin. You need to take boat for 15 minutes. In Mantigue you can snorkle in the Marine Protected Area (MPA) and see a lot of big fish. It's super cool. This island is my favorite.

Moro Watch Tower
Don't be mislead by its name. We were there and trying to look for a tower which look like a lighthouse but nothing like that. It's located behind a school so it's quite hidden. The place itself looks like an old fort and there stairs to go up and you can see the place for above. The stairs is quite steep so be careful.

I would totally recommend everyone to go to Camiguin. The people are humble and nice. They don't rush you to buy their stuff and they are very helpful. If you like nature as its most then you should definitely visit Camiguin, the land of imagination.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bloody Bench

Tema: Heritage and Culture

Salah satu yang menarik tentang "culture and heritage" adalah bagaimana yang terlihat mungkin mempunyai makna yang berbeda dari yang ada sekarang. Bangku di Templo Mayor ini contohnya. Mungkin bagi kita terlihat seperti bangku batu biasa, tidak bernilai. Tapi di jaman Aztec, bangku ini merupakan tempat pemujaan berlangsung. For Aztec, offerings include a lot of bloods, as they even took your heart when it's still beating. Gory goryy yes, but they got wicked culture, beyond imagination.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

A glimpse of Cagayan de Oro

It's been a while since I wrote my last post. I don't think I have goos enough excuse, I've been to lazy to write and I know this will happen. I am trying to fight all the no-writing-better-laying feelings.
My first post in january will be about Cagayan de Oro. I visited CDO last October (believe me, I have so many pending stories). CDO is quite different with the other two provinces that I visited previously: Davao and Surigao del Sur. A place that somehow reminds you of Indonesia. CDO is a lively small city, if you stay in the central area near Xavier University, everything that you need is in walking distance. Something that I really enjoyed. A home for Xavier Ateneo de Manila and some other university, a lot of youth come to CDO to pursue their education. First time I arrived here, I have difficulties pronouncing 'Xavier', so when I told the taxi guy to take me to Xavier, he responded with 'oo' (which means in Tagalog and drove me all the way to the port. I was so confused but then I understand that he actually hear "Sa Pier" (means to Pier/Port) Blah! Me and my accent!
Traveller usually come to CDO to do white water rafting and or hiking in Bukidnon. As for me. I did not have that privilege since I was there for working. nonetheless, I still like CDO a small but lively city. Just like any other 'student' city in Indonesia. I love walking on the street during the market day on friday and saturday. They have everything from live music, food, clothes, phone accessories, and so forth. Sunday is a super laid back day here, not so many stores open maybe because they spend it with their family and of course you need a day break after working for a week. A trip to CDO make me love Mindanao even more, despite the fact that I got dengue there lol...

Monday, 10 December 2012

Colors of Life

 Life is full of colors, either you have red lipstick or yellow skin, working in a green issue or blue carbon, a red republicans or blue democrat, or even as mix as purple. The concept of church-and-plaza in Leon, Nicaragua somewhat is a reflection to this. You can see people praying, playing, selling any kind of things, singing, begging, sightseeing and even protesting.
You have one ticket to ride for your life, so enjoy every color of it!

Host: jalan2liburan
Tema: Warna

Friday, 7 December 2012

Mindanao Trip:The Enchanting Surigao del Sur

First thing first, Travel Alert. Many people would rolled their eyes when you say that you're going to Surigao-Mindanao. Some will ask you why because it's considered as an NPA base and some just shrugging their head coz mindanao still equal to conflict (they think). I say, Mindanao is one of the place that got underrated only because it's neighboring provinces is in a conflict. Surigao has beautiful beautiful landscape and nature. You can just go anywhere and you will find river like the famous Lo Boc river in Bohol and also blue clear river where you can swim with fishes. This place is one undiscovered place for tourism and that what make it more nice. It's where the local goes or some place that only the locals knows. Here are some hidden secret of Surigao:

1. Enchanted River
Ok, this is not so hidden I guess. It's quite famous among the locals here. The enchanted river is a somewhat magical  place. I mean, where else you can find a river that has bright beautiful color (dark blue turns into bright green) plus the fact that this is only a river located quiet remote in the coast there in Hinatuan. The water is cool and you can do snorkle here. You can't see any corals but it still feels cool cos you'll be surrounded by cliff. They also have feeding frenzy for the fishes there. Guests should out of the pool for an hour every 8 am, 1 pm, and 4 pm (sorry i'm a bit forgot the exact time). During the feeding time they will played the Hinatuan National Anthem. Try to get there with a boat instead of habal-habal, the view is very enchanting!

2. Tip Does Beach
To be Honest with you, I don't know how to write the name of this place. It just sounds like that hehehe. Sorry po! It's one of the small island near Enchanted River. It got white sand, clear water, you can do snorkle and see some corals here. Best thing? not many people knows about it so it's like having your private beach. You can play  a cast away if you're there ;)

3. San Juan
I did  a short visit to Barangay San Juan. You can do island hopping there and also visit the abalone hatchery run by CERD and the community there. They can give you kinilaw also if you are in the mood for it!

I think the only challenge to go to this area is it's quite remote. From Butuan you still have to take Mangagoy bus and have 4 hour ride until reach Hinatuan. After that you still need to take habal-habal or rent boat to go there. It's quite worth the trip though so if you happen to be in the area, you definitely should pay a visit!